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how do u get ur grades up in like 6 minutes

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This scene is fairly spectacular. Along with a few other scenes, like George’s dinner-table conversation with his father before the dance, I think this is what made the movie off-putting to audiences in 1946 (such that it failed at the box office), and increasingly beloved with the passage of time (such that it has become many people’s, including my own, favorite Christmas movie).

It was just way, way ahead of its time. It was so dark, so in-your-face realistic in confronting things normally swept under the rug, at least in the stylized world of Hays Code Hollywood, that it must have been a jarringly intense experience to audiences of the day. It’s a jarringly intense experience now.

I think this scene is probably the best example of that. Not necessarily the part shown in this gifset (though the “He’s making violent love to me, Mother!” line is both out there and hilarious), but the rest of the scene as it plays out. If you know the movie, and the scene (which, c’mon, you have to, right?) you know what I’m talking about. If not, consider this a giant **SPOILER ALERT**. You really should see it before reading about it.

Supposedly Stewart was very self-conscious about filming this, his first romantic scene since returning from the war. As a result, Capra filmed the end of the scene in a single unrehearsed take. After George and Mary get on the phone together there was a significant amount of additional dialog they were supposed to say, but in the moment Stewart and Reed skipped it and went right to the embrace. The result was so intense that Capra had to cut some of the kiss in order to get the scene past the censors.

It’s really an amazing thing to watch. I’ve heard some people (“kids these days,” I think is the technical term) talk disparagingly about old black-and-white Hollywood movies, about how boring they are.

Um, no, sorry. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Donna Reed died in 1986, Jimmy Stewart in 1997. But with the help of Frank Capra and the rest of the people who made this movie, the five minutes of film they created here remain as compelling today (for me at least) as anything I’ve ever seen on screen.

Reblogging to remind myself how much I love this scene.

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HAHAHAAA I have an 81 average in chemsitry. Let’s see what’s wrong with this picture. I have managed and A average this entire year, I am graduating first in my class, the first time I ever got an A- in a class as a marking period grade was this year (and have since maintained solid A’s). So why do I suddenly have almost a C? Because my teacher is fucking awful and doesn’t teach and expects us to be able to do AP open ended responses that cover this entire year without reviewing with us and she hasn’t taught this entire year and says we don’t have time in class to go over the answers for the practice tests and we can figure out what we got wrong on our own time and she grades the AP test quizzes and no other teacher grades practice stuff for the AP exam and I fucking hate her

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taxicabsandcupcakes said:Ahhhh congratulations! I’m really happy for you!

Thank you!!! (And just in general, and I know I’ve said this before but I have to say it again, your encouragement really has meant so much to me!) (Also your kitr fics are fabulous and I look forward to them every week)

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Flavored Lemonades

I absolutely LOVE lemonades and fresh fruit.  I went to this wonderful cafe, Ms. Dahlia’s Cafe, with one of my best friends in Brooklyn.  I had the best cucumber lemonade in life!  I immediately went on the hunt to find a recipe.  in my search, I came across a great blog, A Beautiful Mess, that has some amazing recipes for lemonades.  I had to share.  So here you go, enjoy, and I WILL POST MY OWN CREATIONS…after the snow melts.

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this is beautiful

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We originally shot a response from James, “I don’t hate you either.” Kyla and I ended up cutting it in post because I liked the tension of the hanging silence more. Then people started writing about the nature of silences between Lily and James in the fan-canon and I was like, hot damn this fandom is psychic.

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I’m officially going to college!!!!!!!!!

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where r u commiting to college


University of Maryland!!! (And I’ll admit, it’s the last place I expected to end up, but I’m happy and excited and it’s all good) (I’m so excited, in fact, that I don’t know how I’m going to feel if I get off any of the waitlists)

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